2023 Letter from the President

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Published January 4, 2023

Happy New Year! On behalf of Ideal Technologies, Inc. I would like to say that we are honored and excited to continue being your IT and cybersecurity service provider and consultant in 2023 and beyond. As we usher in the new year there are some important and significant changes and announcements that I need to share.

Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that the first update is our announcement of the necessity to raise prices in the coming month. 2022 was a crazy year, with prices across the industry (and the world) increasing significantly. Everything from the Microsoft Office services you rely on to be productive, to the cybersecurity services you rely on to keep you safe, has risen in price over the last year. We absorbed much of the price increases throughout 2022, in some cases taking a loss (we don’t markup services like Microsoft Office for example), in an effort to help our clients keep their overall IT budgets low; however, this is not a realistic practice for us to continue without sacrificing our ability to continue providing services to our clients.

Not all services from Ideal Technologies will see price increases, however managed IT and security services, employee productivity services and website services will see an average 20% increase beginning next month, February 2023. Managed IT services clients will be contacted separately with their annual service contract update, including the new pricing for 2023, before the end of January.

While the thought of an average 20% increase in pricing seems like a lot, the reality is this change makes a very minimal impact on the overall service price – to put this in perspective, a company with five managed workstations on our standard Core Infrastructure & Security Management (CISM Tier 1) plan would see an annual increase of less than $1,000 in service charges.

With the changes over the last year to cyber liability and business insurance requirements, and due to pending regulation of the information technology management industry, Ideal Technologies will no longer be able to allow our business clients the option of denying/opting out of onsite network firewall protections. This vital component of cybersecurity is the first line of defense to your onsite physical networks, and cyber liability and business insurance companies are now requiring this service (among many others) to qualify for coverage in the event of a cyber event. As such, Ideal Technologies cannot put ourselves at risk by allowing the clients we manage to not have these protections in place. If you are a managed IT service client that previously opted out of network firewall services, these updates will be on your revised annual service contract.

Lastly, to further mitigate rising costs, we are asking that all clients move to ACH billing in the coming year, as this payment method has a much lower processing fee as compared to credit or debit card billing. We are launching a new billing portal this month (January 2023) which will allow clients to manage their payment methods on file, including ACH and credit/debit card profiles. While we will still offer card payments, as well as PayPal payments as an option, these payment methods will be subject to a 3% convenience fee starting 1 February 2023. Be on the lookout for an email introducing the new billing portal in the coming weeks.

Now, with that business all covered, 2023 will see some exciting new offerings from Ideal Technologies. In the coming weeks we will be launching our 24x7x365 helpdesk service, which will provide unlimited tier 1 and tier 2 helpdesk services, 24 hours a day 365 days a year (yes, even on holidays)! This service will be included in our CISM Tier 2 & Tier 3 offerings, and available as an add-on service to our CISM Tier 1 and Residential Security & Device Monitoring (RSDM) services. Details of this new service will be revealed in the coming weeks.

2022 saw an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks, especially against small businesses, and I have always believed that cybersecurity services were the most important aspect of IT management that should never be skimped on. It is in the spirit of this conviction that I am happy to announce Ideal Technologies will be deploying advanced managed endpoint detection and response services, paired with 24x7x365 security operations center services in 2023. These services will provide 24×7 eyes on client devices and networks with almost immediate response to threats, greatly diminishing the possibility of client devices and networks being compromised!

We are also launching our revamped WordPress website management and monitoring services this month, with an increased emphasis on website security, including web application firewall implementation, as well as new services including WordPress mobile optimization, image optimization and speed and performance optimization services!

There are many more changes we are looking forward to in the coming months, and we will be launching a company roadmap on our website that will allow clients to follow along with our progress. Each new service will include an announcement email and article to help you better understand the service and identify if it applies to your service, or if it’s something you could add to your services.

Thank you again for allowing Ideal Technologies to continue being your IT and cybersecurity service provider and consultant in 2023 and beyond. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager!

Kind Regards,

Paul Leming
President & Senior Consultant
Ideal Technologies, Inc.

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