IdealSocial & Why Your Business Needs It

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Social media is one of the most important and powerful tools in a business’s tool belt, which often times is overlooked or under used. Statistics from Hubspot show that 92% of marketers claimed that social media was important for their business, with 80% of those business’s using social media to increase traffic to their websites. A study by Social Media Examiner showed that while 97% of marketers are using social media for their business, 85% of them are unsure as to what tools are best to use. While these statistics show the potential for social media to help drive sales, there is always the lack of understanding of how to use social media to gain the maximum benefit or your business and the concern of the amount of time needed to invest in social media posting.

Social media posts and be used to drive targeted traffic to your business website, for instance a single link from a social media post can drive over 20,000 visitors to a website in a single weekend, and a website submitted to services such as StumbleUpon can take a website that received only a handful of visitors a day and increase its visitor count to hundreds a day. Additionally, using social media can boost your business website SEO stats, because increased traffic to your website can cause increased ranking on search engine results. The question for many business owners is how to capitalize on this free marketing tool, and do so effectively without spending hours a day just on social media.

This is where IdealSocial from Ideal Technologies, Inc. can help! IdealSocial is social media management made easy. Social Media all in one place, controlled through a single interface – this is IdealSocial, the new unique social media management platform from Ideal Technologies, which allows you to be more social without the added pressures of spending hours planning your campaigns. The IdealSocial platform gives you the ability to become a Social Media Superstar! Easily schedule posts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, quickly and easily replicate social media tactics that are proven to work. Monitor your social feeds all from a single pane of glass, making it easier than ever to monitor for compliance, respond to comments, like other posts and more – without ever having to login to your social profile!

With the easy to use post scheduler you can schedule posts across your social media accounts, scheduling the days and times the posts are sent to your social accounts, with the ability to include links, hashtags and images in your posts. Within an hour you could schedule an entire weeks social media postings, all from a single dashboard.

Our social streams feature allows you view your social media posts and streams from Facebook and Twitter all directly from your control panel, with the ability to like, share and comment on posts right from the social streams dashboard, all without having to login to your individual social accounts.

Our content research tool allows you to access live sources to build your posts, grabbing content from Google News, Facebook, YouTube and individual RSS feeds. You can also use the content research tool to find trending content and schedule it for posting to your social accounts right from the content research dashboard.

Our visual composer tool allows you to build visually impressive graphics to insert into your social media posts, with over 40 professionally designed templates, and access to thousands of royalty free stock images, you can create campaign messages with stunning visual presentations to grab attention.

And best of all, IdealSocial provides detailed statistics for your social media posts, allowing you to get an accurate, up to date calculation of the clicks, shares, likes and comments on your posts by real users – our technology eliminates the 1000’s of bots that pretend to visit your social profiles, leaving you with true statistics which will help in the planning of your social media campaigns.

With IdealSocial you have the ability to drastically improve your business social media use, in turn generating more traffic to your website and more conversions for your business. IdealSocial will help you to:

  1. Increase Brand Recognition
  2. Improve Brand Loyalty
  3. Get More Opportunities to Convert
  4. Get Higher Conversion Rates
  5. Gain Higher Brand Authority
  6. Increase Inbound Traffic
  7. Decrease Marketing Costs
  8. Get Better Search Engine Rankings
  9. Provide Richer Customer Experiences
  10. Improve Customer Insight

The fact is that many businesses are already on social media and taking advantage of this incredible marketing platform, giving them the ability to reach their intended market directly, and they are doing it at little cost compared to traditional marketing. If your business isn’t using social media then your potential clients are being taken from all those that already are! So the sooner you start, that sooner you can be getting those clients back and finding new ones!

Many businesses owners we have spoken to say they just don’t have time to manage social media, well, with IdealSocial you can cut the time required to manage social media drastically! Still don’t want to have to deal with social media management yourself? Well we have you covered there as well, because IdealSocial offers a monthly content management program!

With IdealSocial Managed Social Media Content, you have the opportunity to have your social media completely managed by our professional social media experts, allowing you to free up your time to deal with your business and customers. The IdealSocial Managed Social Media Content plan gives you the ability to become a Social Media Superstar without having to do all the work! Our staff will create content unique to your business and make posts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, 5 days a week. With IdealSocial Managed Social Media Content you also get, access to our IdealSocial PRO subscription for as long as you are a Managed Content subscriber – making it easier than ever for you to monitor for compliance, respond to comments, like other posts and more – without ever having to login to your social profile!

Get started with IdealSocial for only $9.99 per month, of let us handle your social media management starting at only $179.99 per month for one social media platform. For more information on IdealSocial or to sign up for a Free Account visit us at or if you would rather look into managed social media content check out

Harness the power of social media for your business, and become a social media superstar today!

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