Cloud Backup Now Included with Ideal360 CDM

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Published June 3, 2019

IdealMSP is now including cloud backup services with all Ideal360 Complete Device Management contracts. With Ideal360 CDM services, clients will now receive 5GB of cloud backup space per workstation and 10GB of cloud backup space per server enrolled in managed services.

Cloud backup space will be pooled, and not allocated on a per device basis, allowing for clients to use all included cloud backup space to backup each device, or only certain devices. For instance, a client with five managed workstations will now have 25GB of included cloud backup space included with their monthly service. They can use this cloud backup space however they wish, and are not limited to only using the allocated space for each workstation.

Clients who already have managed cloud backup services will receive a credit against their cloud backup services monthly statement, with their included cloud backup space applied to the account, and then charged for any overages past the included cloud backup space. Using the same example as above, a client with five managed workstations would have 25GB of cloud backup space included with their account. If that client backed up a total of 40GB of data, they would have the 25GB applied to their account, leaving 15GB of overages which are billed.

This offer is available to all Ideal360 Complete Device Management clients, whether on month to month or annual billing cycles. This offer is not applicable to clients using the old Ideal RMM services, which includes device monitoring and remote management only.

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