Data Center Suffers Major Outage

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Published April 24, 2019

Our contracted data center has experienced a major outage of their Windows servers and related Windows Server dependent services. On 23 April 2019 we were contacted by our data center provider and advised that they had identified and quarantined a security breach affecting their Windows servers. A few hours later we were advised that they were taking all of their Windows servers and related services offline to fully mitigate the situation.

How This Affects You

All of our web clients are directly affected by this downtime – we have lost access to our website, email and database files while the data center engineers work on restoring servers individually with the current backups, and then after significant testing, bring these servers back online. Until the IdealMSP servers are brought online our clients will not have access to their data.

What We Have Done

In response to the extended period of down time and the fact that the data center cannot provide us with a reliable estimate of when our servers will be brought back online, IdealMSP has initiated a failover server solution in a separate data center. We have restored client websites from the local copies our development team has on file, and have setup email services for all clients. All clients have received an email about how to access email on the failover server while we wait for the main data center to be restored. Please be advised that email history is not available on the failover servers, and we have not been able to access our database files or backups from the main data center. Client websites reliant on SQL Server databases have been updated to provide user friendly notifications that database reliant features are currently unavailable.

So, What’s Next?

While we patiently wait for the data center technicians to complete the restoration of our servers, we ask that all web hosting clients be patient and know that everything is being done to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over how fast this process is completed, nor do we have the ability to control in what order the data center restores servers and services. The possibility of an extended period of downtime for the main data center is very real, however, with the failover servers in place, all clients have access to email and minimal website functions at this time.

We will update our clients as more information is provided to us. Again, thank you for your patience during this stressful time.

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