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Published June 3, 2019

In an effort to provide added value to our web hosting and business clients, Ideal Technologies, Inc. is now offering managed cloud Microsoft SQL Server databases to our clients, powered by the Microsoft Azure platform.

Data Availability

Being built on the Azure platform will bring unparalleled availability to your SQL Database, because each database is replicated two times on two different Azure nodes. If a node was to go offline, the second node with a replica of your database would automatically take over and continuing servicing your website or business application needs. Once the main node came back online, changes in your data would automatically be replicated over to the main node. This high availability feature of the Azure platform will give our clients the ability to have near 100% database availability.

In order to achieve the same performance and near 100% data availability with traditional SQL Server instances, a failover cluster server would have to be created, which, in the event of the main SQL Server failing, would automatically take over SQL requests and continue servicing data needs. The problem for most small businesses is the prohibitive costs associated with running standalone SQL Server instances, which can average thousands of dollars per month.

With managed cloud SQL Database from IdealMSP, our clients will get the same protection as a failover clustered SQL Server environment, at a fraction of the cost.

Data Protection

With all managed cloud SQL Databases, IdealMSP will also included weekly backups with a four-week retention policy, making it easy to restore data from previous versions of your database in the event of data corruption or user error. Backups will be placed in Geo-Redundant data nodes to ensure that the backup data is not stored in the same node as the SQL database.

In addition to the included backup and retention policy, IdealMSP is offering a daily backup service, with seven-day retention, as an add-on service. With this add-on backup protection, client databases will be backed up to the Azure cloud on a nightly basis, with a seven-day retention policy allowing for more granular database restorations in the event of data corruption or user error.

Data Management

The best thing about managed cloud SQL Database service from IdealMSP is that clients do not have to be a database administrator, or even have SQL Server experience to use the service. Managed cloud SQL Database services will be completely managed by IdealMSP, including the setup, migration and management of client SQL Databases.

Current website and business clients can be setup with managed cloud SQL Database services in about a day, with seamless transition and no downtime.

Managed Cloud SQL Database Pricing

IdealMSP makes pricing for managed cloud SQL Databases simple and easy to understand. Each managed cloud SQL Database includes up to 2GB of storage and the standard weekly backups with four-week retention for only $9.99 per month per database. Add daily backup with seven-day retention for only an additional $2.99 per database per month.

If you are interested in taking advantage of IdealMSP Managed Cloud SQL Database services, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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