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Published October 11, 2019

After months of careful evaluation of our current managed IT services offerings, Ideal Technologies has spent considerable time redesigning our business services offering to address the evolving, critical security needs of businesses. In a world of increasing security threats, both outside and inside the corporate network, we believe our shifted focus to network security is an invaluable update to our managed IT services offering.

Effective immediately, Ideal Technologies is implementing our Core Infrastructure and Security Management (CISM) services platform, a complete managed IT services solution which provides for security at a network and device level, introducing premium managed hardware firewalls, continuous network scanning and vulnerability scanning, managed antivirus and anti-ransomware, software level firewall technologies, web and content filtering, continuous device monitoring and more.

The goal of the new CISM platform is to provide a complete management and protection service for business assets, going beyond the traditional monitoring and securing of just the business workstations and servers, but now addressing the internal threats of IoT devices and employee owned devices inside the corporate network.

CISM will be available with three service tiers and customizable levels of firewall protection and data continuity services, all of which will include Infrastructure Security, Infrastructure Management, Data Continuity & Security, and Documentation & Support services. One of the biggest announcements of the new CISM platform is that all tiers will include 24/7/365 Helpdesk Support services included.

The chart below outlines the CISM service tiers and included services within each tier.

Based on the chart above, a small business with ten endpoints (workstations and servers) could receive full security and infrastructure management for less than $600 per month – less than the cost of employing a part time, entry level, IT administrator to manage your business network.

To contract Ideal Technologies new CISM services, contact us today. Current managed IT services clients will be contacted individually and a migration plan to our new CISM services will be discussed and implemented. For complete information about what the new CISM services entail, please visit the CISM page on our website at

IdealMSP CISM clients get a dedicated documentation portal with information and helpful articles about their specific services, including user manuals, network information, helpful user level troubleshooting guides and more, specifically related to the services and products in use for your business. Have multiple locations? We can create a portal for each one.

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