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Published October 28, 2020

Ideal Technologies is excited to announce that beginning November 1, 2020, we will be offering a new Hardware as a Service (NS-HaaS) program for network security appliances, including firewall appliances and network monitor appliances.

Many times, clients do not have the operating budget available to purchase network security appliances outright in order to get their network security solution in place. While Ideal Technologies deploys services that have very cost affordable hardware solutions, we recognize that even this expense can be burdensome to a business, especially in recent times. For this reason, we have developed the NS-HaaS program for network security appliances in an effort to make sure that all clients have the ability to obtain top of the line network security for their business.

Our NS-HaaS program is simple and straightforward – in partnership with our technology vendors, we will offer network security appliances to our clients for a monthly fee and a short 12-month commitment – after 12 months you can decide to continue renting the equipment, purchase equipment outright, or cancel services. Ideal Technologies or our vendors will own and provide all maintenance, troubleshooting, and warranty service on the appliances, so clients are not responsible for any device failure during the rental time.  

This program provides many benefits to our clients, including;

  • Ability to implement network level security without initial high device purchasing fees
  • Ability to deploy services without the commitment of purchasing network security appliances
  • Clients not responsible for device failure – devices are covered under warranty and will be replaced in the event of failure without additional cost to the client
  • Device support and troubleshooting included with all NS-HaaS deployments either by Ideal Technologies or the hardware vendor specialists
  • Available to all service levels, including Core Infrastructure and Security Management, User Security and Productivity, Managed IT Security, and al la carte clients wishing to implement only a network security solution.

The NS-HaaS program has several appliances available based on client needs, including several firewall appliances and our network monitoring appliance. The available appliances are as follows;

  • Untangle z4 Firewall Appliance – Best for small networks, branch offices, or retail locations. Supports up to 50 users for content filtering, intrusion preventions, VPN encryption, and more.
  • Untangle z4w Firewall Appliance with Wi-Fi – Best for small networks that also require Wi-Fi ability. Supports up to 50 users.
  • Untangle z4 Plus Firewall Appliance – same as the z4 but with additional RAM and storage capacity for improved performance when SSL inspection, application control, web filtering, virus blocking, and intrusion prevention are all required simultaneously. Supports up to 50 users.
  • Untangle z6 Firewall Appliance – The z6 is a rackmount appliance that is best deployed in larger offices or data centers, delivering high-performance firewall capabilities for threat protection, content filtering, SSL inspection, and more. Features multiple high-speed interfaces and superior throughput. Supports up to 100 users.
  • IdealMSP Blackbox Network Monitor Appliance – The IdealMSP Blackbox is a small network appliance built on an SBC platform which hosts our network monitoring software that monitors your internal network for changes in devices attached to your network, performs routine security and vulnerability scans to identify weaknesses among your network devices, provides on-demand VPN access, monitors device response time, provides network statistics, and more. The IdealMSP Blackbox is available in three different models based on the number of devices needing to be monitored, and includes the following;
    • Blackbox SOHO – designed for monitoring small or home offices, or branch office locations with fewer than 100 devices.
    • Blackbox Pro – designed for monitoring standard office locations with fewer than 500 devices.
    • Blackbox Enterprise – designed for monitoring large organizations with greater than 500 devices on a single network.

Our NS-HaaS appliance offerings start as low as $8.00 per month which includes the appliance, warranty replacement should the appliance fail, plus support and troubleshooting in the event there is a problem with the appliance. Please note that NS-HaaS offerings do not include monthly service fees for premium firewall services, nor network monitoring services, and are in addition to these services.

If you are interested in adding network security to your current services with Ideal Technologies please contact your IT Specialist today. If you are not currently an Ideal Technologies client and wish to deploy services please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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