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Published June 7, 2021

Security breaches hurt small businesses the most, and if you are a small business owner and become a data breach victim, recovery may be impossible. It is estimated that 60% of small businesses that experience a hack go out of business within six months. With the estimated average cost of recovery from a small business data breach starting at $36,000 and more, the cost of a data breach can exceed the value of the business!

Ideal Technologies aims to reduce the risk for our clients through our managed IT offerings, and today we are pleased to announce that we are taking our approach to managed IT services a step further by implementing privilege access management services to all of our managed IT service offerings.

Users should never have unlimited administrative privileges on a system, especially when that system is connected to the internet, opening it up to attacks. Unfortunately, Windows has an “all or nothing” privilege model where users either have full administrative rights or none. This presents a huge security problem with systems administration, as some application tasks require administrative rights, but users shouldn’t have full administrative privileges. This can fast become a headache for users and IT managers alike.

Removing administrator privileges from everyday Windows users is proven to slow down or stop a high percentage of malware infections. However, despite the clear security advantages, only allowing standard privileges has historically been a cause for concern and many small businesses compromise on this important security measure because of the possibility of it leading to productivity issues.

Now, however, with privilege access management, in critical moments when admin privileges are required users will no longer have to call or submit a support request. Ideal Technologies engineers will be alerted when a user requests admin privileges and will have the ability to immediately approve or deny the request. Additionally, Ideal Technologies has the ability to create rules which allows for automatic admin privilege elevation for;

  • Line of Business Applications
  • Executables & MSI installers
  • Any system function which causes a Windows UAC to be invoked

With rule sets, managed IT services users will be able to access and run their required software and perform functions requiring admin privileges without having to submit a support request, while simultaneously isolating complete admin privileges for the entire system.

Enforcing the principle of least privilege by removing admin privileges for users should be on your ‘short-list’ of items to put into practice immediately. If you restrict local admin privileges you will drastically reduce the attack surface of your business environments and will improve efficiency, security, and stability.

With Ideal Technologies managed IT services solutions, we protect your business from every angle, now including privilege access management, allowing you users to continue with their work effortlessly! If you are a managed IT services client, privilege access management will begin rolling out on your systems over the next week. Interested in managed IT and security services from Ideal Technologies? Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and quote!

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