Introducing V2 Cloud Desktops

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Published October 22, 2019

Introducing Cloud Desktops!

A fully customizable cloud desktop for businesses of all sizes. We improve your efficiency so you can focus on what matters.

V2 Cloud Desktops are accessible from anywhere and from any device. All data is safe and secure in Tier-III data-centers that are automatically backed-up every day.


  • Secure Desktops with Anti-Virus and Ransomware Protection
  • Easy and secure remote access from anywhere
  • Increase employee productivity and allow a remote work program
  • Reduce IT expenses with no more computers and servers to buy


  • Easy to use Admin Dashboard to add and manage users, increase storage capacity, etc
  • Daily backup snapshots are taken automatically and 100% ransomware proof
  • Antivirus and malware protection by default
  • Two-step authentication for you and your employees
  • Fanatical technical support over online chat, email, and phone
  • One-click web browser access from any device
  • Compatible with any modern thin and zero clients. No need to buy computers anymore
Easy to use admin dashboard
Access cloud desktop right from your browser
Compatible with Chromebooks and dual-screen thin clients


  • SSL encryption on all communications
  • Two-step authentication (Email + SMS)
  • Tier III datacenter locations in America, Europe, South-East Asia, Oceania
  • Daily replication of all the data to another location
  • 3-layer firewall with DDoS protection at the datacenter
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant datacenters
  • Secure private networks between Cloud computer and your office
  • Antivirus and malware protection by default

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