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Managed IT Security

Protect your business against breaches through an affordable solution designed to increase your protection, while keeping your data safe and helping you sleep easy.


Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT Security provides the best in class protection your business needs with real-time protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, rootkits and adware, in addition to managed operating system updates and patch management with active network monitoring – keeping your devices safe while giving you peace of mind.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed IT Security services provide Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security for every server and workstation providing best in class protection for you business critical assets. Consistently ranked #1 by independent antivirus and security testing labs for protection, performance and usability, Bitdefender is powered by machine learning algorithms that have been developed and perfected over the last 10+ years.

Managed Endpoint Protection Features

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security features the following protection and features standard with all Managed IT Security serviced endpoints;

Physical and Virtual Deployments

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security protects your physical workstations and servers as well as any virtual servers or workstations in your infrastructure.

 Multi-Layered Complete Protection

Your desktops, laptops and servers are protected with layered security: machine learning, heuristics, signatures, memory protection and continuous monitoring of running processes, malware blocking, disinfect, quarantine and rollback. Local and Cloud Signatures are used to identify known threats efficiently, while advanced machine learning algorithms developed over 10 years predict and accurately identify unknown threats before they are executed.

 Advanced Anti-Exploit Protection

Exploits are often involved in major ransomware attacks as they hijack legitimate applications to compromise the system. Bitdefender Advanced Anti-Exploit detects unknown file-based or file-less (memory only) exploits by focusing on the attack techniques and using behavioral technologies instead of signatures of known exploits.

 Process Security Monitoring

Bitdefender Process Inspector continuously monitors running process for signs of malicious behavior and can block, based on behavior, advanced attacks that have eluded other prevention layers.

Content Control

With built in Content Control IdealMSP can block or restrict user access to potentially malicious websites or use categories and schedules to reduce the attack surface and improve productivity. Available to be customized on a per machine basis, business managers can lock out access to time wasting websites, including social media, media streaming, auction sites, eCommerce and more. Plus, protect your business from liability by blocking access to websites promoting illegal activities and other liability creating content.

Device Control

Often not included with competing solutions, Device Control allows IdealMSP to block or restrict access to certain attachable devices, such as USB’s and optical drives, mitigating the risks of malware being introduced via these devices, or the risk of data loss.

Web Filtering

Essential in blocking web-borne attacks, web filtering lets IdealMSP block known phishing or other malicious websites and scan unknown URLs, including HTTPS URLs, to identify potential threats.

Firewall with Intrusion Detection

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security includes a fully-featured two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection to protect endpoints against potential attacks while inside or outside the network.

O/S Updates, Patch Management & Software Management

Managed IT Security services provide managed operating system updates and third party patch management for your systems, making sure that your systems and software have the latest patches to secure your systems and software against potential exploits and vulnerabilities. In addition to patch management, IdealMSP can monitor your systems to ensure that your devices have the software needed for employee productivity, allowing for remote installation or removal of many software titles.

Network Monitoring & Asset Management

With Managed IT Security services IdealMSP implements a network monitoring solution that monitors your internal network for changes in devices attached to your network. If a new device is attached to your network we get an alert, allowing for IdealMSP to investigate the new device to confirm it belongs in the network, or implement steps to quarantine the device and remove it from the network before it can cause problems.

Managed IT Security Pricing

The following prices for Managed IT Security services are listed per device either annually or monthly. Month to month pricing is available at higher rates – prices are subject to change at any time. To request a quote for services for large businesses please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a consultation.

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