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Ideal Technologies Core Services

We offer complete managed IT services designed to reduce IT headaches and technology problems while increasing IT reliability and maximizing employee productivity. We accomplish this through our core lineup of services focusing on systems management, system and network security, business data continuity, and user security and productivity management.

Infrastructure & Security

Designed to keep your network secure and healthy, our Infrastructure & Security Services focuses on three areas – Monitoring, Maintenance and Security.

User Security Management

Designed to secure your employees and increase productivity with password management, security awareness, secure file sharing, and unified communications.

Managed IT Security

Designed to secure your network, users, and your data with managed endpoint security, premium network firewall, network monitoring and secure encrypted cloud backup.

Managed Websites

Designed to protect your online presence and availability with managed cloud DNS, uptime monitoring, hosting management and liaison services, backup, and more.

Save Thousands On IT

Did you know that in the United States the median salary of an IT Manager as reported by is $175,522 per year as of 2020? And that’s not including the costs associated with hiring an employee, such as payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, benefits packages, vacation time, bonuses, and ongoing training.

You could be saving your business thousands of dollars per month and tens of thousands per year by outsourcing your IT needs to Ideal Technologies Managed IT Services. 

Recent Posts

Ideal Tech Offering Bigger Brains Online Training

Ideal Tech Offering Bigger Brains Online Training

Ideal Technologies is excited to announce our new service offering for online education and training services powered by Bigger Brains, an award-winning eLearning platform designed to produce a more productive workplace by empowering...

Introducing Privilege Access Management

Introducing Privilege Access Management

Security breaches hurt small businesses the most, and if you are a small business owner and become a data breach victim, recovery may be impossible. It is estimated that 60% of small businesses that experience a hack go out of business...

Recent Security Alerts

Diavol – A New Ransomware Used By Wizard Spider

Diavol – A New Ransomware Used By Wizard Spider

A new family of ransomware called Diavol has been discovered and could be linked to a criminal group known as Wizard Spider, according to PSIRT research and a report published in the Security Research Journal. REFERENCE:...

Malware Masquerades as Privacy Tool

Malware Masquerades as Privacy Tool

Proofpoint researchers found a new threat enticing users to download malware by masquerading as a “Privacy Tools” service offering a tool that “encrypts” user data using a zip-like utility. The fake website is professional-looking and...

ChaChi: a New GoLang RAT

ChaChi: a New GoLang RAT

BlackBerry has identified a new type of malicious software written in the Go programming language as the operator of the PYSA ransomware campaign, which has been targeting education institutions across the United States and Canada....

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“We have been able to have the benefit of a fully staffed IT department without having the associated costs by contracting Ideal Technologies to handle all of our IT infrastructure. Our devices are healthy, our data is secure and support is an email or phone call away. We love it! and reccomend Ideal services to everyone we know!”

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